Your Flex & Frames Redundancy

The Frames team members have all been served notice of Compulsory redundancy. This means they have difficult choices to make: a Voluntary Paid Leaver scheme or retrain as an external engineer or face compulsory redundancy.
The problem is that the business is not being honest about the Frames work. Although it has massively reduced, it’s still there, and guess what? Service Delivery team members will now be picking up Frames tasks. In fact, some of you have been doing this for some time. What you will see as SD engineers will be getting BMR (Bulk Migration Frames tasks), Compaction Frames tasks, as well as BAU frames tasks, and some of you may like this type of work.
The impact it will have on you and your flex is the real question. It is now that the Task Force machine will be looking to PIN your tasks right up until you sign off. You may have +6 hours flex, but I’m not sure how you will ever manage this down, as a Frames task is on average 13 to 15 minutes, so you can get this short duration task pinned to you by the machine at the end of the day just as you were thinking, “I will flex off by a few minutes and get home early for a change.”
Previously, most field tasks were a minimum of over 30 minutes, and if you had +6 hours in your flex pot, you would just get a “Ring Control” message toward the end of the day, so you had the choice: do I work on or flex off?
Check your Flex! If you are on +6, check any job you get near the end of the day. Was it manually pinned or was it machine-driven? Make sure your flex just doesn’t disappear. Make sure you know how flex works, and remember, flex is the ownership of you, the engineer, NOT OPENREACH and NOT YOUR MANAGER. Lastly, please support those Frames engineers making tough decisions, and remember how they treat them could be how they treat you.