Information and Benefits

The CWU and other Trade Unions have long played a pivotal role in advocating for your rights, we ensure you receive fair wages, a safe working environment and that you feel supported in difficult circumstances. But, why should you join you join the CWU Capital Branch?

Non-Discriminatory: As a member of the CWU we promote fairness and equality in the workplace. With the CWU in place you do not have to worry about any form of bullying or harassment. We’ll endeavour to fight for your rights at work.

Earnings: Jobs with a recognised Trade Union like the CWU have higher wages; it is a fact. With more members like you, we have greater power and ability to negotiate better wages for you and your colleagues.

Expertise: When you need a representative on your side, you’ll have a fully trained officer who understands the pressures of your job. Our representatives have access to our Head Office to ensure you receive the very best expertise and support.

Fixed: Your job is safe. When a union is in place, you cannot be dismissed randomly. The CWU, like other Trade Unions advocate for permanent contracts for all employees.

In Safe Hands: The CWU promotes a healthy and safe working environment, ensuring that your job is safe and that you have access to proper rest breaks and equipment. Unfortunately, incidents do happen and in that case we want to ensure you can access the appropriate care and advice to minimise the impact on your health and ability to work. Click here to learn more about how we approach Health Safety and Welfare here at CWU Branch.

Trade Union Representation: In the event you are called into a disciplinary or grievance, an experienced CWU Capital Branch member will be at the ready to represent you. Our officers can also offer advice on any concerns you have in and out of the work place.

Members Benefits: Click Here to see some of the Benefits of being a CWU Member, including Days Out, Hotels Stays, and much more!

What’s stopping you? Join the CWU Capital Branch today for as little as £5.35 per month.