Health & Safety

The health, safety, and welfare of our members is a big priority for us here at the CWU Capital Branch. We regularly conduct inspections to ensure your workplace adheres to necessary regulations and guidelines. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and that’s where we step in with a thorough investigation to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.

We at the CWU Capital Branch prioritise the health, safety and welfare of all our members. We regularly inspect the workplace, whether that be the building or work site inspections and thoroughly investigate all accidents, incidents or near miss as and when they occur.

How to report building faults

Reporting building faults in the workplace is a crucial aspect of maintaining a safe and functional work environment. Prompt identification How to report building faults


What is Health, Safety and Welfare?

Health, safety and welfare encompass the wellbeing, protection and overall flourishing of individuals in various aspects of life. Health and What is Health, Safety and Welfare?


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